STRIDE Airdrop

We are incredibly excited to introduce Stride, the state-of-the-art multichain liquid staking experience! Stride will allow you to liquid stake your assets on any Cosmos chain

$STRD Airdrop for stakers ATOM, OSMO, JUNO and STARS:
min. 10 ATOM – max 4200 (2,200,000 STRD)
min. 85 OSMO – max 43000 (1,000,000 STRD)
min. 16 JUNO – max 8300 (200,000 STRD)
min 2800 STARS – max 1.2M STARS (20,000 STRD) – snapshot 19 September

Claim airdrop:
1. Claim free tokens
2. Stake
3. Liquid stake
for those of you experiencing issues with the airdrop, please complete this form here:

CosmosPug 🍒 is out of active set validator on STRIDE yet. Thanks for Your delegations ❤️ Stake $STRD with CosmosPug >>here<<

Snapshot: 14.08.2022 13:00 UTC (ATOM, OSMO, JUNO), 19.09.2022 9:30 UTC (STARS)
Claim: 22 November
more details about airdrop will be 1 November
Airdrop TESTNET checker :

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