White Whale Airdrop

Whale token generates non-inflationary yield from all the liquidity pools and flashloans vaults across IBC enabled blockchains.

$WHALE Airdrop for JUNO, HUAHUA, CMDX, INJ, ATOM, LUNA stakers

drop for Terra V1 holders will happen first! Airdrop for cosmos community will happen shortly after that.
There is airdrop boost (x2) for stakers to White Whale validator

Snapshot: TBA
Claim for INJ stakers (from 17 April) https://airdrop.migaloo.zone/injective
Claim for Juno stakers (from 9 March just ended): https://airdrop.migaloo.zone/juno after claim $Whale token is available on Juno chain
Claim for Chihuahua stakers (from 15 March just ended): https://airdrop.migaloo.zone/chihuahua
Claim: 27 Feb claim for Whale Classic $WHALEC holders on Terra https://airdrop.migaloo.zone/terra

You can stake yours $WHALE with CosmosPug 🍒 Thanks for your help ❤️
First use bridge: https://airdrop.migaloo.zone/chihuahua/bridge to move your airdrop from Chihuahua and Juno to Migaloo and then You are ready to stake

Official White Whale twitter: https://twitter.com/WhiteWhaleDefi
Migaloo Twitter: https://twitter.com/Migaloo_Zone
Telegram: https://t.me/whitewhaleofficial
Website: https://whitewhale.money/
Discord: https://discord.com/invite/pc5EXCBfEw