Cosmon Airdrop

Cosmon is an NFT-powered community comprised of unique digital collectibles that lives on the Cosmos blockchain. All items in Cosmon are backed by the best assets of the Cosmos ecosystem. 

Airdrop for stakers: ATOM, OSMO, JUNO, EVMOS, XPRT, CMDX, DVPN, LUM, XKI

Build a team of leaders , save the world! The first #NFT Play to Earn project on the @cosmos ecosystem
Qualification Criteria
$XKI stakers (minimum stake of 500 $XKI)

Delegates of chains (min amount):
ATOM (50), OSMO (500), JUNO (125), XPRT (350), and CMDX (1000)

Delegates of Klub Staking validator(min stake are lower) on:
$ATOM (15), $OSMO (150), $JUNO (40), $XPRT (100), $CMDX (450), $DVPN (135000), $LUM (150000), $EVMOS (100)

HOW Claim Cosmon Airdrop(if you eligible you need some $XKI for fee):

Snapshot: 1 Jun 2022 (The Snapshot will exclude CEX validators)
Claimdate: 27 June 2022

Max 3 NFTs to one wallet

Official Cosmon twitter:
Cosmon Discord: