hydro finance DRO

Hydro Finance airdrop

There will also be airdrops for $SCRT stakers, as well as potentially others. As this product leverages the cross chain properties of the Cosmos, a key focus will be to provide value to external communities, drawing them in to participate in the Secret Network ecosystem. This is crucial for the growth and success of Secret Network.

DYOR – probably no airdrop there (DRAMA – check twitter below)


  • STAKE SCRT (you can use Hydro.Finance validator bonus and CosmosPug validator to help me)

Snapshot: probably late May
Claimdate: TBA

More information about Hydro.Finance: https://medium.com/@secret_swap/introducing-hydro-finance-d93299b967da
Whitepaper: https://hydro.finance/hydro-finance-whitepaper.pdf

Official twitter Hydri.Financ: https://twitter.com/DRO_DAO removed
Official website: https://hydro.finance/