Aqua Airdrop

Eco project. A revolutionary DAO dedicated to ending the world water crisis. Built on the Juno network. Powered by the community. $AQUA coming soon…
Airdrop for stakers ATOM, Juno and KUJI

Snapshot: 19 August for JUNO. Min 50 $JUNO stake
Claimdate: 30 September

Claim airdrop:
snapshot 27th October only for juno stakedrs to specify Validators Aqua (DYOR because it is charity node with 100% commision fee). Min 1 Juno
Rewards 250,000 tokens Aqua + 250,000 tokens Casa

1. Building the future of charity… At AQUA, we’re focused on building tools and incentive structures for social impact organizations to scale and unleash their true potential. While we’re focused on ending the world water crisis, we also believe in empowering other organizations to accomplish their missions. For those who invest in $Aqua, you’ll be incentivized in ways not seen before in the crypto space both on and off chain. We hope you join us on the journey 🙂

Official Aqua Twitter: