WYND Airdrop

The Wynd DAO will leverage blockchain protocols to protect and regenerate the world’s ecosystems
$WYND Airdrop for stakers Juno, Regen and Osmo

UPDATE: Airdrop for RAW stakers is claimable. (Airdrop is vesting)

Snapshot: REGEN and OSMO 05.05.2022, Juno 06.05.2022 (Right after the upgrade)
Claimdate: 06.06.2022 –31.08.2022

Claim airdrop: https://airdrop.wynddao.com/
More details about airdrop: https://docs.wynddao.com/token/airdrop.html

Official WYND DAO Twitter: https://twitter.com/wynddao
Official website: https://www.wynddao.com/