WIND airdrop

Liquid Staking and Slow Burn Arbitrage Protocol built on #Terra and #The multisig DAO that generates, mints and burns meme tokens on migaloo, to be pooled on chains where White Whale De-Fi is deployed

$WIND Airdrop for $JUNO stakers
Mission 1: 30% of allocation Have 50 $JUNO staked to any validator at time of snapshot
Mission 2: 10% of allocation Hold either 100 ampJUNO or 100 bJUNO in your wallet at the time of the snapshot
Mission 3, 4, 5: pools Juno & Whale -> details on twitter

Snapshot: 29 January 2024
Distributed: 28 Feb 2024

$WIND is distributed on your wallet you can check it on whitewhale: