TNS airdrop for TERRA wallet holders

There is a new wave of “airdrop hunters”. The hunters have created many wallets trying to game the system i.e. “Trying to farm the airdrops”. After a huge $ENS airdrops, many expect a similar rewarding mechanism. After looking at the data, we have seen many newly created addresses that just have very few transactions. Thus, our team has to come up with measures to make sure that our airdrops go to the “Real active users” instead of those hunters.

Unlike ENS airdrop distribution, TNS airdrop will be calculated by a three-tier system rather than a linear function.

In this Medium, we would like to walk you through:

1. How we filter qualified addresses

2. Tier system

3. How to claim your airdrop

1. Qualified addresses

The snapshot has been taken on 17 December 2021 09:32:10 (UTC).

  • must make a purchase before the snapshot date
  • must have at least 15 transactions on Terra wallet (can be any transactions, not only Terra Name Service) before the snapshot date
  • must spend at least 16 $UST on

There were a total of 10198 qualified wallets from a total of 24268 wallets that have interacted with a TNS contract (Some addresses are gaming the system by only approving the transactions without buying any domains). This filtering process was necessary to ensure TNS was allocated to the most engaged Terra users.

2. Tier system

Our team wants to make sure that we balance out allocations to those small buyers and big buyers. After a long consideration, our team decided to come up with a tier system.

We introduce a three-tier system based on $UST spent on purchasing domains:

Tier 1 — between 1 to 31 $UST on domain purchased
>> 538.893489 $TNS

Tier 2 — between 32 and 319 $UST on domain purchased
>> 1077.786979 $TNS

Tier 3 — at least 320 $UST on domain purchased
>> 1940.016561 $TNS

3. How to claim my airdrop

The airdrop will be distribute around 24 December 2021 1PM UTC.

If you are eligible for the airdrop, just visit our website and airdrop popup will be shown up on the top-right corner for you to claim it (like those of Anchor and Mirror protocol)

Distributing TNS governance token is for the sake of spreading decentralization, rather than profit maximization.