Connecting Tribes on Cosmos SDK & GNØ Land

Rewards for staking around 900 APR !
Price listing on CosmosPug (chart section)

Snapshot date: 20 May for ATOM stakers
Claim date: 3 October

Claim Your Airdrop: https://teritori.com/airdrop

You can stake $TORI with CosmosPug 🍒 here: https://explorer.teritori.com/teritori/staking – Thanks ❤️

Apr is juicy – (inflation started – October 6)

Airdrop 70M $TORI. First $TORI airdrop for ATOM stakers and holders.

-28M $TORI for Atom Stakers & Holders: Stakers bonus: +20% – (Min: 20 ATOM – Max: 10 000 ATOM)
-280 000 $TORI for Game Of Teritori Players (@ http://discord.gg/Teritori) – Top 500 leaderboard
-3M $TORI for NFT collections holders: – Orbital Apes (evmos) https://twitter.com/OrbitalApes/status/1572296516337016838… (September 21st at 20:00 UTC)

-NFT collections holders: – HuaHuaPunks (stargaze) https://mobile.twitter.com/AAAMetaHuahua/status/1574470237181054976… snapshot 15 October – 200$TORI for NFT
-TheR!ot NFT holders (Teritori) – https://mobile.twitter.com/TheRiotNFT
-All Owlies & @ohhNFT holders will be getting a $TORI#airdrop! Snapshot will be taken in the near future.
-StargazeBulls airdrop – $50 TORI 22 November

more info: https://teritori.gitbook.io/teritori-whitepaper/tokenomics/airdrop
whitepaper : https://teritori.gitbook.io/teritori-whitepaper/

Official TORI website: https://teritori.com/
Teritori Twitter: https://twitter.com/TeritoriNetwork
Official Discord: https://discord.com/invite/teritori
Medium: https://medium.com/teritori