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SOAR airdrop

Soarchain is a Layer 1 built on Cosmos SDK network that enables a token-incentivized data and connectivity infrastructure for mobility. With its native smart contracts, Soarchain enables decentralized applications specific to mobility, creating a dAPP ecosystem on cars, leading to a revolution of more efficient, cost-effective, and eco-friendly transportation.

$SOAR Airdrop for $ATOM, $AKT, $TIA stakers, milkTIA holders! + Suprise network (waiting for more info)
Eligibility: min 50AKT, 40 ATOM, 40TIA stake, 20milkTIA holders. The categories are divided by the participation score based on Celestia’s scoring method
It looks best like allocation is for staking $AKT. Atom stakers again with airdrop!

NEW: Runner Drop!
You need do some task with zealy to unlock drop:
Follow step by step here (Runner drop instruction):

There is too airdrop for Early Community – Zealy + OGs & testnet users Soarchain Mini!

Snapshot: 5 Jan 2024
Claimdate: ???
Airdrop will be distribute to your wallet. No need claim process

Genesis drop info:
Airdrop details: