#SPQR Token

Snapshot: TBA
Claimdate: TBA

The token distribution will be split into 5 groups.

  • Plebdrop : 20% A first of the two airdrops will be provided to the $ATOM and $JUNO participants for staking and participation in the network activities. This being a plebdrop, all the aristocrats on cosmos and Juno chain will be excluded from the drop.
  • Senate Drop: 20% The second airdrop will be conducted 3 months after the launch of liquidity pool on Junoswap. Users providing liquidity and participating in the platform activity will be considered senators and will be rewarded with the second airdrop. Aristocrats excluded from the first airdrop will not be excluded from this airdrop.
  • Community Pool: 10% A strategic reserve of tokens will be collected into a pool which can be spent by network governance. The funds will be released for the use as per the governence proposals voted by the token holdrs.
  • Platform Incentives: 25% Users will be rewarded for their activities on the platform. The e-governence modules (bounty, escrow, etc.) will be utilized to reward the users with the tokens as an incentive.
  • Developer Vesting: 25% The developer share will be distributed over time to the Senatus team. In case if the developer team is inactive, the funds can be redirected to any other team which can get involved in the development of the platfor