SAGA airdrop

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2nd airdrop is for loyal $SAGA stakers whos received 1st airdrop and stake.
Some rumors say there is bonus if your $SAGA tokens stake at 2nd snapshot will be 30%+ higher compare to 1st snapshot
1st Snapshot in April
2nd no info yet
Distribution 2nd airdrop: ???

Previous airdrop was distributed 9 April 2024! Some info below:
$SAGA Airdrop for Cosmos community $ATOM and $TIA stakers and for Polygon, Solana and Avax communities.

$ATOM 20 Apr 2023 – 20 Oct2023 Min staked 25 $ATOM (details below)
$TIA 7 Nov 2023 – 1 Dec 2023 Min 23 staked $TIA (details below)
Claimdate: 6-27 March 2024

Distrubution 9 April 2024

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