Quicksilver Airdrop

The Quicksilver Token is a Liquid Staking Token with multiple use cases. March Testnet June start and airdop. Stay tuned for more info.

$QCK airdrop for Juno, Atom, Osmo, REGEN & Stars stakers

Snapshots: 13 May & 9 June & 16 December (avarage)
Claimdate: Q1 2023
Claim Airdrop (1st airdrop for STARS stakers): https://app.quicksilver.zone/airdrop
The minimum amount was about 10 USD worth as of the last snapshot in December
First airdrop for STARS stakers 29.03.2023

CosmosPug 🍒 is validator on QUICKSILVER. Thanks for Your delegations ❤️ Stake $QCK with CosmosPug >>here<<

Cryptocito interview with QuickSilver team

chart: https://cosmospug.com/qck-chart
Crypto Conscious about airdrop Quicksilver

Official website: https://quicksilver.zone/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/quicksilverzone