Passage3d Airdrop

Early contributors to the passage ecosystem, stakers and LP providers in the cosmos ecosystem

Snapshot: TBA
Claimdate: TBA
$PASG Token


– First 10,000 Strange Clan NFT holders (should be able to claim from now on) – Stakers and/or LP-providers in the Cosmos ecosystem (assuming ATOM and others)

– initial airdrop is 2/3 of the total allocation

– remaining 1/3 is available at month 14 post-genesis for wallets who staked initial airdrop for the duration

– Those who staked within a communicated timeframe will have the chance to get an extra 50% of their initial airdrop

Airdrop will take place after the public sale through LBP

Info from @Airdrops_one

Confident Crypto video about Passage3d

Official website: