OLLO Station airdrop

An innovative future forward DeFi platform designed for sustainability. Bringing automated order book trading & portfolio management to the Cosmos.

Eligibility for airdrodp:
At least 2 IBC TXs, and 2 Native TXs per eligible chain
ATOM -12+
OSMO -50+
JUNO -16+

3 Snapshots: April 12th 2022, June 18th 2022, Dec 31 2022
Claimdate: early Q1 2023
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The Wisedrop

OllO is giving back to the Cosmos staking community with a 2 part airdrop. Part 1 *snapshot has been taken* Distribution is designed to reward Atom stakers + bonus chains & bonus allocations TBA. ~ Part 2 will be distributed to 1st year OllO stakers. Snapshots will be taken throughout the year. To remain eligible, users must retain a min staked amount of OllO throughout the year. Delegations un-staked prematurely forfeit their allocation which is then distributed amongst the remaining 1st year stakers. Be wise, stay staked, get paid

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