NOMIC airdrop

$NOM it staking token for the bridge chain BTC <–>IBC

2nd Airdrop for EVMOS, JUNO, OSMO, KUJI and again ATOM stakers (only validators out of top 20)
+ incentivized testnet for more $NOM

Snapshot for 2nd airdrop taken 27th September
Claim date: January 2023

NOM for EVMOS stakers claimable on testnet
more details:
Actions on increase NOM airdrop on mainnet!

below is great guide for testnet by Stake&Relax validator:

1st Airdrop is claimable
Snapshot: 21 January 2022 from Cosmos block 9,150,000
Claim date: 31 January 2022

Total amount: 3,500,000 NOM

Formula:(min(notstaked, 1000) + (4 * min(stakedBalance, 1000))) / 20.299325


if You have only staked ATOMS then Your staked ATOMS*0,197 then for 100ATOMS receive 19,7NOM

Nomic Stakenet Launch Info:

Claiming on but now only test token. Real token will be available from Monday
You CAN USE our VALIDATOR Node CosmosPug on Nomic. THANKS❤️

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Cryptocito about Nomic :

Crypto Conscious about new cosmos Airdrop Nomic: