NOBLE airdrop

Generic asset issuance chain purpose-built for the Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) ecosystem.

1st Airdrop of $FRNZ (distribution 27 Mar 2023)
100 FRNZ tokens across 4 Cosmos DEXs: OsmosisKujiraWyndDAO and Crescent (25 FRNZ tokens each) minimal amount of ATOM. (25 FRNZ:1ATOM)

2nd Airdrop of $FRNZ (ditribution 3 Apr 2023)
300 FRNZ tokens, to axlUSDC holders across 10 Cosmos chains (Axelar, Gravity, Comdex, Crescent, Canto, Juno, Kujira, Osmosis, Iris, Secret) who hold at least 50USDC in their wallet. The airdrop snapshot will take place on March 27 2023 at 5PM UTC.

More details:

Snapshot: 27 March 2023 5PM UTC
Claimdate: 27 Mar 2023 & 3 Apr 2023

Website NOBLE: