Mars airdrop

Lend, borrow and earn with an autonomous credit protocol in the Cosmos universe. Open to all, closed to none.

Airdrop for $MARS holders on Terra.

Snapshots: pre-depeg: 07 May 2022 & post-depeg: 28. May 2022
Claimdate: 31 January 2023

$MARS amount = (pre-depeg amount + post-depeg amount) / 2

Claim: install the latest version of Station on Chrome and use the wallet address where you previously held $MARS on Terra to connect to Mars Hub. $MARS tokens will automatically appear!

You can stake yours $MARS with CosmosPug 🍒 Thanks for your help ❤️

Stake to CosmosPug by Keplr: >>here<<
Stake to CosmosPug by Terra Station: >>here<<

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Don Cryptonium about Mars Protocol

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