Mantle Airdrop

$MNTL is the native token of the AssetMantle ecosystem.

CLAIM here: and choose Sign In and then Use keplr

$CMDX stakers 25 Mar 2022
$XPRT stakers 18 Mar 2022
$JUNO stakers 29 Mar 2022
$ATOM stakers 15 Mar 2022
$LUNA stakers 22 Mar 2022
$STARS stakers 1 April 2022

Here is website where you can start:

  • Step 1: StakeStake tokens(or remain staked) with any active validator on an ongoing StakeDrop campaign chain
  • Step 2: Send Magic TransactionSend a transaction with the smallest amount of native chain token to the designated StakeDrop wallet address
  • Step 3: Confirm ParticipationEnter the staked wallet address on the StakeDrop campaign dashboard to confirm your participation
  • Step 4: Claim TokensAnswer daily quiz on the StakeDrop campaign dashboard to claim $MNTL tokens

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Claimdate: TBA

Official Twitter AssetMantle:
Official Website: