MANDE airdrop

Onchain Credibility Hub for Web3 – powered by @dymension with @CelestiaOrg Data Availability Layer Underneath. Dymension RollApp, as an open on-chain reputation layer on Web3. To record credit scores, ratings, activities, reputation, and digital identity accomplishments

$MAND Airdrop for $DYM stakers 2 million $MAND

RollApp Incentives totaling 4 million $MAND tokens will be distributed to early users of the Mande Network RollApp through our credibility staking DAPP at These incentives will allow Mande RollApp to acquire a user base and begin building user credibility profiles using “Proof-of-Credibility.”

more info :

Min: 15 $DYM staked
Example allocations:
16 $DYM staked = 4 $MAND
36 $DYM staked = 6 $MAND
49 $DYM staked = 7 $MAND
64 $DYM staked = 8 $MAND
100 $DYM staked = 10 $MAND
1000 $DYM staked = 32.23 $DYM

Airdrop is better for smaller wallets

Snapshot: 30 April 2024
Claimdate: 9 May-10 June 2024