Jackal airdrop

Building resilient IBC infrastructure and cyber security solutions. IBC cloud storage secured by the @SecretNetwork and archived by @Filecoin coming soon.

minimum 20 $SCRT stakers (There will be a 2x airdrop bonus for those staking with the Jackal DAO SCRT Network validator)
minimum 10 $ATOM stakers,
minimum 10 $JUNO stakers

Good staking practices:

  • Stake with smaller active validators
  • Stake to multiple active validators
  • Stake to meaningful contributors to the network
  • Stake to active validators that often participate in governance

Snapshot finally taken 9 Apr 2022
10 $ATOM (190,337 wallets)
10 $JUNO (79,473 wallets)
20 $SCRT (25,694 wallets)
2x if staked SCRT on @JACKAL_DAO validator
Claimdate: 26 Oct 2022
Claim : For Juno and Atom stakers will be distributed automatically. You need add chain to Keplr wallet. You can use Osmosis Frontier and then Assets and click “deposit” or “withdrawal” JKL to add the chain to keplr.

Airdrop for SCRT stakers claimable in March 2023 (Airdrop is claimable: https://app.jackalprotocol.com/airdrop )

You can stake $JKL with CosmosPug 🍒 here: https://ping.pub/jackal/staking – Thanks ❤️
Chart: cosmospug.com/jackal-chart

Official twitter Jackal: ://twitter.com/Jackal_Protocol
Official website: https://jackalprotocol.com/
Official discord: https://discord.com/invite/5GKym3p6rj
Telegram: https://t.me/+kyaQs5qFMF8zZDcx