FLIX airdrop for OMNIFLIX network

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Flix Fam, it is a new week & we’re back with the latest from within the OmniFlix Network’s ecosystem covering topics around Engineering, Design, Media & Community.

$FLIX airdrop for Atom stakers, Osmosis LP and ION holders

  • Snapshot 1 was taken on 1st January, 2022
  • Snapshot 2 was taken right before the announcement on 19th January, 2022
  • Snapshot 3 was taken on 22nd for staking and LP-specific activities, January, 2022 between 9am UTC and 9:30am UTC
  • Snapshot 4 was taken 1 September 2022

Claim airdrop: https://omniflix.market/campaigns/FlixDrop
End of claim date: 10 January 2024

FLIX Drop — an overview

giving back to the community that helped us bootstrap & build OmniFlix

We’re very excited to announce that we’ll be going mainnet soon. Real soon.

We have bootstrapped the entire OmniFlix Network primarily with few early backers and our validator operations. Owing to that, we intend to give back to the community with the FLIX Drop to stakeholders that helped push it all forward. A snapshot for relevant activities (staking, LPing, etc.) is being taken on 22 January, 2022.

NOTE: Snapshot is on 22 January, 2022. The eligibility criteria will be shared in an independent article after the snapshot date.

But wen will the FLIX Drop, ser?

After LBP 2.0

The order of events would be:

  1. Mainnet (with genesis validators)
  2. Infrastructure setup (with partner node hosts and relayers)
  3. Distribution required for LBP on Osmosis (this is when FLIX is accessible and goes live)

who will receive FLIX?

8 different types of activities within the Cosmos & OmniFlix ecosystems qualify

To give back to the community members within the Cosmos Ecosystem and to build a strong & sustainable community, FLIX Drop is curated primarily for:

  1. For delegators on 8 validators run by the OmniFlix Network — AkashAgoricKiSentinelJuno NetworkOsmosisComdex and Stargaze. These are the validators, we have been running in 2021.
    update 1: 19/Jan at 17:31 UTC — Changed the wording for the above activity
  2. For node hosts that validated on FlixNet-1, FlixNet-2 & FlixNet-3
  3. For campaign participants on FlixNet-2 and FlixNet-3 (campaigned ended on 11/January/2021 but we have a grace period of 2 days)
  4. For historical users of our apps — interactive videos on alpha.OmniFlix.tv, Users of Stream Pay along with delegates of Cosmos Cosmoverse Conference (metateverse & IRL/physical presence at the event)
    update 2: 19/Jan at 17:31 UTC — most have an issue with alpha.OmniFlix.tv but we aim to only incentivize historical users of these interactive videos.
  5. For ATOM Stakers (excluding exchange validators)
  6. For Osmosis LPs from select pools
  7. For ION holders
  8. For community pools/DAOs that helped or will further bootstrap the OmniFlix Network (Cosmos Hub, Osmosis, Juno Network, EXN & more).

Official Omniflix twitter: https://twitter.com/OmniFlixNetwork
Discord: https://discord.com/invite/6gdQ4yZSTC
Official website: https://www.omniflix.network/

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