Fina VISA prepaid card allows you to connect with any wallet, top up with any cryptocurrency, through any crypto network

1% of FINA total supply will be airdropped to early supporters.
Airdrop only for validator on SecretNetworks and Twitter supporters (follow and retweet pinned tweet)
-5,000,000 FINA (0.5%) will be distributed to our Secret Network validator’s delegators. The more SCRT you delegate, the more FINA token you get. But it will be capped at 50,000 SCRT.
-2,500,000 FINA (0.25%) will be distributed evenly to our Twitter followers.
-2,500,000 FINA (0.25%) will be distributed evenly to users who retweet

Airdrop now is distributed : (linear vesting 1 year)

More airdrop details:
Snapshot date: 1 January 2023 or earlier if their validator reach 3M $SCRT delegations
Claim date:29 June 2023
Airdrop checker: but works only for twitter campaigne

Official website:
Medium: Twitter: