FELIS airdrop

FELIS is a native token of the GATA yield RollApp

  • FELIS token will serve as the native currency within our RollApp.
  • Max Supply of FELIS will be 972,5 Million token.
  • Genesis Supply of FELIS will be 300 Million
  • Total supply reached in the first 4 years will be 972,5 Million FELIS
  • FELIS will be used as fee token for the RollApp
  • FELIS will also be used as the reward token.

more details: https://forum.dymension.xyz/t/rollapp-submission-introducing-gata-hub-rollapp-a-yield-hub-on-dymension/3088
7% $FELIS Airdrop for $DYM stakers (unclaimed will be burned)

Airdrop planned for Q2/Q3 2024

Snapshot: ???
Claimdate: ???

Twitter: https://twitter.com/GataHubZone
Website: https://gatahub.zone/