Chihuahua Airdrop

How to qualifying for the airdrop?

There are 4 ways for airdrop

  • 11 JUNO staked in Chihuahua validator, then you can receive 1000000 HUAHUA
  • Every OSMO staked: 100HUAHUA
  • Every ATOM staked: 100HUAHUA
  • Stake Mn 3 AKT. Every 3 AKT staked = 1HUAHUA. Staked every 3AKT at Chihuahua validator = 5HUAHUA. Min AKT 3.
  • Stake Mn 1 DVPN. Every 50 DVPN staked = 1HUAHUA. Staked every 10 DVPN at Chihuahua validator = 1HUAHUA. (Snapshot: 8 Mar 2022)

The JUNO airdrop had the priority on Osmosis one so you will get that OR the other, not both.
Soon will be more airdrops from HUAHUA because they had plan add more airdrops for cosmos ecosystem delegators.