Cheqd Airdrop

Cheqd anti-fraud system works wrong in my opinion. My proposal dont try eligibility before they will repair their system. If You are from US then you need use VPN.

There are 3 missions for receive Airdrop $CHEQ

First Mission

The socials — we want the whole Cosmos community to benefit from this program. However, we’re well aware that not everyone in the community knows about us, so to maximise reach we’ll kick-off with a follow us, invite your friends and share our name with your contacts.

This mission will officially start on Wednesday 23rd February and end on Wednesday 9th March at 11.45pm. It’s good to point out that to be fair with our Telegram community, we gave them a head start on the 22nd of February.

Due to the massive amount of interest, we’ll have to cap to around 20,000 Cosmonauts. As soon as we hit this number, we’ll consider this first mission accomplished.

One of the tasks to complete the mission involves choosing another Cosmos project. We will add an extra reward for everyone that votes for the project that ends up with the most votes. We recommend you to invite your friends from other Cosmos projects to participate and vote.

Start your mission with CosmosPug ref!
Or without
First mission closed. Now we are waiting for 2nd mission.

if you need cheq address then connect keplr here:

Second Mission

The classic network snapshot LP. We’ll provide more details when the first mission is over. But… the rewards for this mission will be higher!

  1. 10 ATOM: Snapshot taken at 10 March 2022 17:29:05 UTC (block height #9703992)
  2. 20 JUNO: Snapshot taken at 10 March 2022 14:55:27 UTC (block height #2223587)
  3. 20 OSMO: Snapshot taken at 10 March 2022 13:57:29 UTC (block height #3534866)
  4. Liquidity pool 602 on osmosis
  5. Liquidity pool 617 on osmosis


Third Mission

This one will be fun. I’m very excited about it, but our CTO asked me to keep it a secret. 🙊 

More information will be shared when the second mission is over. However, stay tuned, this one will be amazing.

Snapshot: 10 Mr 2022
Claim Start: 25 Mar 2022

Official website: