Cerberus Airdrop

First cosmos meme coin is Chihuahua, but Cerberus probably will be second.

Cerberus will be a community lead meme-coin that will allow the community to vote on various proposals on the future use of the coin. The community can gain value from the coin by staking Cerberus ($CRBRUS) with delegators and liquidity pools.

Airdrop Distribution

Best airdrop will be for HUAHUA stakers. You can get free first huahuas on chihuahua telegram ๐Ÿ™‚
First airdrop: Chihuahua delegators โ€” 27 billion $CRBRUS โ€”Snapshot Date 12 Mar 2022 โ€” Airdrop Date 15 Mar 2022
2nd airdrop for Osmosis delegators โ€” 20 billion $CRBRUS โ€” Snapshot Date 12 Mar 2022 โ€” Airdrop Date 1 May 2022
Last airdrop for Cosmos delegators โ€” 20 billion $CRBRUS โ€” Snapshot Date 12 Mar 2022 โ€” Airdrop Date TBA

The exact ratios of the airdrop :

Our validator on Cerberus

UPDATE: $CRBRUS distributed to OSMO stakers!

Also if you want to stake cerberus tokens, you can do it in our validator here:
https://ping.pub/cerberus/staking/cerberusvaloper1g2k6a7akrmm9jwa0n8eg2vfe70j2u5l4myw8lt it works too with https://restake.app/cerberus
if you staked #HUAHUA and don’t receive #CRBRUS then check if your keplr account is correct or maybe you have this issue described by Denikar >>here<<

Snapshot: 12 Mar 2022
Claimdate: 15 Mar 2022

more info about Cerberus: https://medium.com/@cerberus_zone/cerberus-crbrus-airdrop-coming-to-the-cosmos-network-9911c780dcdd

Cerberus Twitter: https://twitter.com/CerberusZone/
Official website Cerberus: https://cerberus.zone/