CASA airdrop

A Social Impact DAO dedicated to building housing for those in dire need. Launching on $Juno.

Airdrop for:
$JUNO, $ATOM, $AQUA stakers. 1st Airdrop for JUNO

Eligibility : 50+ Juno stake

Snapshot date: 19 Aug 2022
Claimdate: 11 October 2022 10PM UTC
Claim here: from 11 October 2022 10PM UTC to 10 November 2022

next snapshot 27th October only for juno stakedrs to specify Validators Aqua (DYOR because it is charity node with 100% commision fee). Min 1 Juno
Rewards 250,000 tokens Aqua + 250,000 tokens Casa

Twitter Casa DAO: