Airdrop Qualifications

Here is the short version:

Cosmos ($ATOM) Stakers
Osmosis ($OSMO) Stakers

Airdrop Claim Process

Here is the short version:

dropped by @BitSongOfficial directly into your wallets
But must use Bridge tool first [see below]

More information from Twitter:

Special Warning from BitSong!

Before you do anything with your airdropped $BTSG read this from BitSong:

After making the necessary tests and consider all the scenarios when it comes to IBC transactions, i.e sending the $BTSG tokens received in the Airdrop via IBC to Osmosis or other blockchains connected to IBC with which Bitsong has a direct communication channel, we have realized that due to the IBC nature, the denominator changes according to the channel used, so the token that reaches the destination after the execution of the transaction, is different from the native $BTSG, so it cannot be used.

For example if a Juno staker receives 100 $BTSG of Airdrop and want to send them directly to Osmosis to add them to a pool, the token that he receives in Osmosis is not the native $BTSG, but totally another token, so it becomes unusable.

Therefore, we must carry out an extra passage, i.e to transfer the tokens from Juno to Bitsong and then from Bitsong to Osmosis, only then you can take advantage of the Native $BTSG.

That being said, we had to create a tool that allows cross-chain transfers in a simple way and using the correct channels for each chain, without risking losing the tokens received.

The tool will allow users to be able to switch from Cosmos, Osmosis or Juno to Bitsong, and then send the native $BTSG token to Osmosis or other networks according to the comforts and intentions of each one.

This tool will be made available to the Community as soon as we have carried out the Airdrop, scheduled to be delivered in the next 24 hours.

Do not try to move the $BTSG Tokens that you received until we deploy the tool that uses the right channels for each chain (12/24 hours from now).

Update on Bridge Tool

This tool is now available and you can use it at your own pleasure, with the mention that being a recently developed tool could have bugs or errors, so use it at your own risk, as Bitsong does not take responsibility for any losses of $BTSG through the use of it.


Do not forget to connect bitsong-2b to Keplr, you can do it via

Remember that for any operation you might want to do with your airdropped $BTSGs, you first need to bring the tokens to BitSong and then use them for staking, pools, swaps or whatever you may consider fit.

For example, in the event that you got airdropped with BTSG on your Osmosis wallet and you want to transfer them to Osmosis in order to add them to a pool, you first have to send them to bitsong as in the figure below, so first select the chain of origin, then BitSong, the wallet origin is taken automatically from keplr but the destination wallet has to be put manually.