BERNIE airdrop

$BERNIE will be an IBC-connected, sovereign chain
$BERNIE is the token of the Bernese Chain, a Cosmos IBC L1 chain run by lovers of meme dog money, similar to the original spirit and maintenance of the $DOGE blockchain. Bernese Mountain Dogs generally have a friendly and laid-back temperament.

Airdrop for: $CRBUS stakers, LP, NFT holders

· Tier 1: $CRBRUS locked Stakers & 14-day LP
· Tier 2: 7-day LP / rotating NFT holders
Not considered:
· Unstaked/Liquid $CRBRUS
· Unbonding $CRBRUS

staked == locked LP 14 days == (hopefully solved) IBC stuck funds

Snapshot: 14 February 2023 7:30UTC
Claimdate: TBA