Amber Airdrop

Airdrop for SCRT stakers.

Community-driven, privacy-preserving store of value token built on @SecretNetwork
Total supply 8888
Eligibility stake 44.44 scrt
Per wallet receive 0.2 token
Delegators staking a minimum of 44.44 $SCRT with the AmberDAO validator by block 4008888 will receive a bonus airdrop of 0.05 $AMBER.

Ineligibile validators:
-0% commission validators
-exchange validators (this includes: Kraken, Huobi)
-corporate validators (this includes: Staked, Chorus One, B-Harvest, Figment, Outlier Ventures, HashQuark)

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More details about Amber airdrop:

Snapshot: 25 June 2022
Claimdate/distribution: 24 Nov 2022