AFT airdrop

Decentralized and indexed blockchain What is the $AFT token? $AFT token can be seen as a dividend paying asset. It represents a %revenue allocation of all of Arable’s products. This means that each $AFT token will get a piece of Arable revenue regardless of which chain the revenue is generated at #realyield

Airdrop for: $ACRE stakers

The 2k tokens reserved for delegators will be distributed over 10 months starting from February 2023, with a snapshot taken on the first day of each month. The Revenue Share Tokens will be distributed within 15 days of each snapshot, with the Foundation wallet excluded from this process.

Eligibility : $ACRE stakers. no min.value of stake, everyone gets airdrop depending on his delegated tokens / total delegated (more $ACRE staked = more $AFT)

Snapshot: 1st day of month (10 months starts from February)
Claimdate: TBA

More details: